Types of eCommerce Marketing You Should Know About

There are more ways to do eCommerce marketing than you think! What is eCommerce marketing and what are the options available for your eCommerce advertising? We explain the types of eCommerce marketing in this blog.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to promote your online eCommerce store. Many brands choose to launch e-commerce products on social media first and for a good reason too. Social media helps them to connect with their audience and post content that is relatable to them. You can build your popularity as well as promote your products by posting on social media networks related to your business.

eCommerce digital marketing is mostly about visuals. You have platforms to show off your product and entice your customers to buy it. The best images and videos will also bring more people to your page, which means more people will be clicking on your website link. There’s a good chance that a lot of those website clicks will convert into sales.

Popular platforms used for eCommerce advertising include Instagram and TikTok, where imagery and video are of the most importance. A Facebook Business page can also help your brand to grow.

Content Marketing

The content you choose will either make or break your eCommerce for business. Content helps you to target the right audience and sell your products. Content marketing tools are essential to anyone serious about eCommerce marketing. It provides you with platforms to make your content marketing a lot easier.

Content marketing includes working on your product pages and adding relevant keywords to target your consumer. It doesn’t just mean your homepage needs good content. You also need to make sure all page titles, headers, and even text on images are aligned with good content practices. Adding good and relevant content to Youtube and your FAQ is one way you can increase the visibility of your website and products.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is probably the oldest yet best tool for eCommerce services. Nobody can resist an email in their inbox with an appealing offer made especially for them. There are multiple ways you can use email marketing to give your sales a bump. Email can be used to bring a customer back to their abandoned shopping cart, to provide them with special offers to bump your sales, to let them know when a new product they will be interested in launches, etc.

How do you reach these customers? Automated email tools help you to set up specific emails to reach specific subscribers. It lets you sort your list according to what a customer is likely to be interested in or find customers that need to be followed up with about their cart. A good way to ensure your email marketing appeals to customers is to send out one or two emails a week, rather than spam customers as they can easily unsubscribe to your email chain.

Search Engine Marketing

SEO ranks the world. It involves pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns or ad campaigns. These campaigns allow your business to rank on top of search engines. A higher ranking equals more clicks on your website.

Search engine marketing guarantees that when buyers search for products that you have, it will lead to your website or page. Google ads can be expensive but it puts your eCommerce business literally in front of a consumer which pays off in the long term when it increases your sales.

Terracor Business Solutions makes e-commerce marketing easier by providing you with automation tools to help you with your business marketing. For more info on our tools for eCommerce marketing, give us a call today!

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