Your B2B E-commerce Customer Portal

We make online B2B ordering secure and easy with our self-serve customer portal.

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Your B2B E-commerce Customer Portal

We make online B2B ordering secure and easy with our self-serve customer portal.

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The E-commerce Solution Designed Specifically for B2B Relationships

Full Customization

Create custom pricing, percentage discounts, & volume-based prices with your accounting/ERP system.

Easy to track

B2B customers can easily track and order products.

Always in sync

Sync inventory, orders, customers and other information with your accounting/ERP system.

Accessible anywhere

Cloud-based and supported on tablet and desktop devices.

Secure solutions for you and your customers.

The Customer Portal is a password-protected, branded B2B portal that integrates with your back-end accounting/ERP system and supported custom prices and B2B-only products.

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See the Customer Portal in Action

The customer portal is designed to offer solutions for you and your customers. Creating a convenient platform where customers can communicate with you, gather information and complete actions quickly and securely.

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What Does The Customer Portal Include?

  • It is customized to your branding. You can display your company logo, branding colours, company information, etc.

  • Allow customers to view open orders. See the complete list of open orders and their details and view real-time changes such as status updates.

  • Send automatic mailers. Automatic emails can be sent to customers when orders are processed or shipped.

  • View and print invoices. Customers can view complete purchase history, print invoices and reorder from past purchases.

  • Make payments on account. Customers can view their balance and limit and pay outstanding amounts online via integrated payment processing.

  • Build & reuse order templates. Customers can create unlimited templates for regular and common orders. Dynamic templates can build out templates automatically for your customers instead of generating their own, including a rolling window of their item purchase history. Add items from a template and efficiently checkout with minimum user interaction.
  • Order via our secure checkout. Clients can review order details before completion. The platform includes the auto-population of billing and shipping address information, PO numbers & order comments.
  • Order confirmation. Emails sent to customer, order desk and associated sales rep.
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Fully Integrated ERP Solutions

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Complete End-to-end Management of Your Customer Experience

Terracor provides a fully integrated and self-serve experience, with the highest level of security to ensure that your E-commerce transactions are safe and protected. Our partners are trusted industry leaders who help us deliver a seamless and efficient experience for our customers.

Payment Partners

Our trusted payment partners ensure that their customers’ sensitive payment information is protected, and transactions are processed securely.

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Shipping Partners

Our trusted shipping providers ensure that your customers’ orders are delivered securely and on time.

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Social Media & Analytics

With our social media and analytics integration, your B2B customers can effectively reach their target audience and tracking the success of their marketing efforts.

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Our B2B E-commerce customer portal fully integrates with various CRM software for efficient and streamlined operations.

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Custom Integrations

We can provide custom integrations for whichever software you do not see on the lists above.

Universal Syncs

Integrating various data sources can be complex and susceptible to human error. Our universal sync solution will do the heavy lifting for you to have peace of mind.

We can implement the following services with our Universal Syncs.

  • Automatic data imports & exports via any file format or data endpoint.

  • Data replication for backups or data scaling.

  • Bi-directional data synchronization to fully integrate all your tools and services.

  • Complex workflows to manage your business processes without compromise.

  • Custom data transformation rules to ensure data looks and behave as expected.

Easy and Effective Data Sync Set-Ups.

When we promise easy set-up, we mean it. This means that we will add more logic to your interactions to decrease the complexity, increase your bottom line, and save you money.

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The customer portal can hold many benefits for your B2B processes, including self-service commerce for B2B to simplify the order process and review existing orders while giving you complete control of how the process is executed.