What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM empowers over 250,000 businesses across 180 countries to generate more leads, engage customers and increase their revenue. The world’s most popular customer relationship management software can transform your business. Zoho CRM allows you to integrate your customer information and purchase history to help you target customers more effectively.

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Zoho CRM is designed to simplify the process of managing a sales team. It automates time-consuming data entry and allows for regular follow-ups with customers. You can even assign scores to leads to help you prioritize them.

Zoho CRM Features and Capabilities.

Zoho CRM offers modern features that enable them to reach prospects at the right time. You can engage customers through multiple channels. This CRM software allows businesses of any size to close more deals in a more innovative way.

The features of Zoho include:

  • Contact management for real-time insights about your customers.

  • Lead management to capture scoring and identify leads that will convert.

  • Deal management to close more deals in less time.

  • Workflow automation to learn how to perform tasks faster and more efficiently.

  • End-to-end customer engagement.

  • Effortless team management and inter-team communication.

  • Workflow automation and setting of operational strategies.

  • Multi-channel sales signals and omnichannel engagement.

  • Their AI feature (also known as ZIA.)

  • Analytics, insights and intelligence.

  • Customization, process management and sales automation.

  • Marketing automation.

  • Unified Administration and Setup.

A better customer experience starts with aligning your teams and ensuring customers are at the heart of everything you do. Zoho CRM Plus unifies sales, marketing, and support teams, giving them the right toolset to do this.

How Zoho CRM Can Help You.


Zoho aims to help businesses:

  • Break Silos. Silos exist when sales, marketing, and support departments are disconnected from one another. Zoho ensures that none of your information goes lost and that teams can share customer data and collaborate easily. With this, you can improve sales, enhance your marketing and offer great support to customers.
  • Unify Their Interface. You can see how each customer interacts with your business by combining the Zoho CRM and other business applications such as live chat, customer support, marketing automation, project management, business analytics, and customer service within one platform.
  • Integrate Internal Team Efforts. It can be challenging to combine all the efforts of your internal teams while also providing a seamless experience for all customers. At Zoho, they are constantly improving the functionality and usability to help you reach these goals.

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Your team will be up and running from day one with Zoho CRM. You can systematically manage your team so that they grow over time. This will ensure exceptional customer service at all stages of the customer’s lifecycle and convert customers into brand advocates.

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