zeckoShop and Spire for an
Enhanced e-Commerce
Integration Solution

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Are customers complimenting your zeckoShop webstore? Do you wish you could enjoy the same ease-of-use with the administrative side of your business? Custom e-commerce integration between your business software and your online store gets them working together in a way that works best for your specific needs.

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What are Benefits of e-Commerce Integrations?

Hands up if, when you receive an online order, you have to exit your e-commerce platform and move to another application to process the order. Not only does this mean you are wasting precious time, but you are also increasing the likelihood of errors. Moreover, you are impeding the potential growth and expansion of your business.

Enterprise resource planning software creates a centralized hub where you can gather, store, and analyze data from all areas of your operation – from customer relationship management (CRM) and human resource (HR) to finance, accounting and warehouse management.

ERP e-commerce system integrations
provide the following advantages:

Elimination of manual

so that your team
can focus time and
resources on
valuable initiatives.

Reduction of human

inconsistencies, and
redundant data – all
of which can be

Faster exchange of data

across multiple systems
means more accurate and up-
to-date data. The result:
increased trust, happier
customers, and bigger profits!

Easy omni-channel
sales management

lets you keep up with large
volumes of customers
converting on multiple
channels at once.

Automatic notifications

throughout the buyer’s
journey increases brand
loyalty – driving sales and

Streamlined business

boost internal productivity
– saving you money.

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How Spire Software Can Help Your e-Commerce Business

The secret to a better bottom line lies in finding ways to improve your company’s overall efficiency.

Spire software modules cover your business needs from accounting, operations, sales, and communications to third-party developers for custom solutions.

By integrating your e-commerce platform with Spire software solutions, data is automatically shared with both systems. When you only have to enter data once and everyone who needs to can access it, your organization will function more effectively as a powerful unit.

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Select the Right e-Commerce Software and ERP Integration from Terracor

Select the Right
e-Commerce Software and
ERP Integration

So, you are ready to integrate ERP and e-commerce!
But that leads onto the question of how to determine
what ERP integrated e-commerce system is right for your needs.

Follow these four steps to identifying
integration opportunities:

Look at all the time-consuming, manual processes and evaluate where integration can automate tedious tasks and decrease the need for human intervention.

Consider what unnecessary
systems or steps can be
eliminated to streamline your
online e-commerce business processes.

Determine how integration could overcome barriers to closed-loop attribution such as data silos and /or poor cross-functional communication.

Examine ways that unified, holistic consumer behaviour insights can be leveraged for a better customer experience and increased cross-sells and up-sells.

The possibilities that are revealed will guide your e-commerce software and ERP integration selection. Spire ERP, Spire accounting, and other modules integrate seamlessly with zeckoShop.

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Custom e-Commerce
Integration Services

In a landscape where markets change and customer needs evolve, you must be able to quickly adapt. Only with all the data combined and at your fingertips can you make informed decisions, address issues, and clarify your strategic plans.

Often, though, the demands placed on you and other key players increase as the business grows. For better insights and smoother handling of long-term growth, custom e-commerce integration gives you just the intuitive capabilities you need.

If you are ready for your e-commerce business to scale up and thrive, you need a comprehensive integration between your webstore and ERP components. For more information about our custom e-commerce integration services, contact Terracor Business Solutions today and let’s get started!

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Terracor has been a proud spire Partner since 2015. Our business consultants work to ensure that your needs are scoped and understood while also working directly with software development and deployment teams to ensure the fulfillment of your needs and goals.

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