The Importance Of Configurable Software For Ecommerce

When setting up an online store, you have a lot of factors to consider: business growth, scalability, running costs, marketing tools and so on. Essentially, you are looking for a platform aligned with all your business needs, which makes it hard to find an off-the-shelf solution. Whatever choice you make regarding software for eCommerce, you need to find a configurable and customizable product. You probably already know that you need to be able to customize your online store, but the configuration is a different and slightly more complex concept.

What is Configuration?

Your eCommerce software – whichever package you choose – comes with a generic set of functions that you can fine-tune. . This fine-tuning is what we mean when we refer to configuration. 

Configuration management functions enable you as the user to personalize your online store, choosing from a range of available options. It doesn’t require any programming skills and is usually simply clicking on the appropriate options. Some configuration options include:

  • Time zone settings
  • Currency settings
  • Dashboard and storefront layouts
  • Building email templates
  • Shipping and payment options
  • Selecting available plug-ins and add-ons

The Benefits of Ecommerce Software Configuration

The ability to configure your eCommerce software empowers you to take the package you have bought, which offers the same general functions to all its users – and make it your own. For example, you may wish to tweak your storefront layout or ensure that your local time setting is reflected on your site. Most importantly, these options don’t require any technical knowledge or support. Configurable options are completely within your control. By configuring a generic software package, rather than having a solution custom-built for you, you can cut your costs, thus lowering your investment and risk.

Product configuration makes work easier for your team because it enables them to set up and correct your store’s functions quickly and then move on with the core concerns of sales and service.

Examples of Configurable eCommerce Software

All eCommerce platforms are both configurable and customizable to varying degrees. While customization options vary from one platform to the next, the configuration is considered essential across all platforms. All the most popular platforms, from Shopify to Wix, offer a range of configurable options across different aspects of the platform.

How Configurable is zeckoShop?

zeckoShop is built for adaptability and is thus highly configurable. From personalized content management to a wide selection of add-ons, integrations and plug-ins, zeckoShop enables users to create a unique online store.

About Terracor Business Solutions

In addition to zeckoShop, our industry-leading eCommerce solution, Terracor also offers custom development services. We also offer several products to satisfy your most important business needs. We also integrate with the most popular marketplaces and the tools required by your sales team.

Check out some of our offerings below and contact us to find out more! For more information on zeckoShop software for eCommerce, watch our product videos or contact Terracor.

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