How to Mobilize your Sales Staff to do More

Your sales staff is essential to your business’s success. A salesperson portal can help your staff to build client relationships and effectively do their jobs. Here’s how sales platforms can help your sales teams.

How do salesperson platforms work?

Sales teams bring on business, interact with your customers, and are representatives of your company. If your sales team is falling behind, they may likely be overwhelmed with the amount of administrative work they have. Platforms like Terracor’s salesperson portal help to mobilize sales teams so that they can focus on what’s important – building relationships with clients.

When you choose a salesperson platform, you receive tools that allow your sales team to interact with customers remotely. We use a private and secure portal that links to eCommerce platforms. The portal gives your team the resources to make decisions to improve your business relationship with your clients and customers

Advantages of salesperson platforms

Here are some benefits of using automated tools and software for sales teams:  

  • Time-efficient business solutions

You can view customer purchases and track their shipping. The result? Faster process time and happier customers.

  • Accurate sales tools

Automated software and sales tools are more accurate ways to keep tabs on your business activities. Sales tools help you to prevent errors that occur through the manual processing of data (human error).

  • Keep track of your inventory

The tools available allow you to view the inventory stock of your warehouses. The biggest advantage of this is that it makes sure you never fall behind with supply and demand.

  • Adjust product prices 

You can keep track of product prices to make sure your business is keeping up with competitors. If product prices increase, you can use automated tools to update your eCommerce platforms.

  • Access to account software

Accounting software will help you to keep track of purchases and orders to make your life a little easier during tax season.

  • Streamline the sales process for customers and sales teams 

By streamlining the sales process, your team has more time to interact with customers and less desk time with admin work.

Using a sales quote tool to mobilize your staff

A sales quote tool can help your team to reduce a lot of time spent processing orders. Quote tools help you manage quotes for customers without having to go through complicated processes or manual calculations. The sophisticated quoting tools help with complex quotes for items that are customizable to a specific customer.

Sales quote tools allow customers the option to request pricing for their chosen products. It sends a notification to an internal sales team user who will then provide appropriate pricing. There are pricing override tools available for online quotes in the case of changing prices. You also have the option of emailing the sales reps to let them know when customers want a quote. The sales rep can then log into the website to review the quote for the customer. Orders will be easily and quickly processed through this process.

Terracor’s salesperson portal is specially designed to assist sales teams with their administrative work. It allows sales reps to manage quotes, place orders on behalf of customers, and engage more effectively with customers. Our salesperson tools allow salespeople and customer service reps to communicate with customers via a private, secure portal that connects through a zeckoShop platform. We provide custom solutions for each business to ensure that your sales platform is tailored for your specific business needs.

To find out more about our salesperson portal, give us a call today!

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