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It has always been the case that good inventory management is essential for sustainable, profitable businesses. With the added complications that can arise when selling via eCommerce, it can sometimes be more of a challenge to maintain control over your inventory. However, the various eCommerce solutions on the market make it simpler. Here is an overview of some of the key practices and solutions to help you maintain order in your warehouse.

How To Determine The Correct Inventory Levels

In eCommerce, if you don’t have a good picture of your customers’ shopping habits relative to your inventory levels, it can be awful for business. You can very easily fall into a situation where you don’t have enough to supply demand or, on the contrary, where you have overstocked on items that don’t sell all that well. How can this be avoided?

You must build an optimized inventory management system integrated with your eCommerce platform to overcome this potential problem. You can use accurate analytical data to help you determine the appropriate inventory levels and manage your stock accordingly. Google Trends is one handy tool that can help you measure and predict demand. With such tools, you can predict future sales based on your customers’ past purchasing patterns and set minimum stock levels for each product.

Improving Your Inventory Management

As we’ve already mentioned, you will need accurate software-based tools to help you keep your inventory under control when running an eCommerce platform. You might be able to work manually through some of the old-fashioned inventory management methods that sellers have used in the past, but they will not enable you to work accurately, and certainly will not be of any use when the time comes to scale up your business. Improve your inventory management by implementing purpose-built software tools that make your task both more accessible and more accurate. With these tools, you can ensure that you are never understocked or overstocked, sync your inventory across all your sales channels, and collect valuable data that you can use to improve your sales and ability to satisfy your customers’ needs.

Using Sage For Advanced Inventory Management to Help

Sage offers a fully integrated, cloud-based inventory management system that improves your workflow while keeping your inventory under tight control. You can determine your inventory levels in real-time and adopt responsive strategies to manage your stock levels. Integrating Sage into your eCommerce operations will help you reduce costs, hit the target every time with your inventory quantities, and automate your purchasing and stock replenishment processes.

Terracor Business Solutions offers custom eCommerce development services, tailoring solutions for businesses in various sectors. We can help you build an eCommerce solution, complete with accurate and responsive inventory management tools. Take a tour of our products and solutions or contact us for more information.

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