Make B2B Online Ordering Easy with a Customer Portal

B2B online ordering has witnessed an undeniable surge as e-commerce continues its rapid expansion. There’s no doubt that e-commerce is booming! In the midst of this digital transformation, ensuring a seamless ordering process for your business customers has become paramount. To cater to this demand, implementing a dedicated customer portal can be a game-changer. A customer portal not only simplifies the B2B online ordering experience but also enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What Can the Customer Portal Do?

A customer portal gives your B2B customers a convenient and secure way to browse and buy your products online. It provides a personalized online purchasing and document management experience, making it easy for them to find what they are looking for quickly.

To save time and money and increase the accessibility of their products, most wholesalers, distributors, et cetera are moving their B2B sales online. According to a survey published in 2019, 84 percent of (American) B2B professionals expected to spend more on e-commerce. That figure did not factor in the impact of the pandemic on purchasing behavior.

With a customer portal like zeckoShop, self-service functionality is extended to your customers, typically in the B2B environment. As part of your ERP system, customer portals are a great tool for both you and your customers because they help streamline the process. Here are five key benefits of an enterprise-class web commerce system:

Customers Can Easily Track and Order Products

As a supplier, many of your customers may not be ready to make immediate purchases. They might need time to review their options, compare different products, or experience temporary cash-flow delays that affect their buying decisions. Our customer portal addresses these diverse needs by allowing customers to place orders online 24/7. This means they can initiate purchases at their convenience, whether it’s early morning, late at night, or during their lunch break.

Moreover, the customer portal serves as a comprehensive resource center. It provides valuable insights into your company and products, helping customers better understand your offerings and make well-rounded decisions. By centralizing this information, you streamline their research process and make it easier for them to engage with your brand.

Benefit to you: The convenience of the customer portal directly translates into a tangible benefit for your business. The ability to place orders 24/7 and access crucial information contributes to extended hours of operation, effectively expanding your sales potential.

Personalize Your Branding with Customization Options

To promote your professional image and be consistent with your corporate branding requirements, design and branding flexibility is essential.

Using zeckoShop’s backend account, you can display your company logo, branding colours, company information, and so on. This ensures that the skin for your website or web store reflects your corporate identity.

Benefit to your customer: Consistent branding builds trust in your company and makes it easier for clients to pick out documentation from you.

Effortless Automated Mailers: Streamline Communication with Our Ordering Platform

One hang-up many consumers (B2C and B2B) still have is fear of theft. To allay these concerns, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council set out requirements intended to secure credit card transactions. The Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) details how e-commerce software must be developed for secure credit card payment applications. Compliance is required by all credit cards, such as American Express, Mastercard, and Visa Inc.

Not only is zeckoShop PCI and PA-DSS compliant, it also integrates with common online credit card payment processors, including Paypal, Moneris, and Beanstream.

Benefit to you: You can confidently offer online credit card payment options knowing you are PCI and PA-DSS compliant

Streamlining Business Operations with Our B2B Online Ordering Platform

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, optimizing efficiency and productivity is paramount. That’s why we’ve developed an innovative online portal designed specifically for wholesale ordering – a powerful B2B online ordering platform that not only simplifies the purchasing process but also enhances customer experience.

The benefits of embracing our B2B online ordering platform are two-fold. Firstly, your clients will experience a significant reduction in time and effort spent on routine inquiries, fostering a positive and efficient relationship with your brand. Secondly, the impact on your bottom line cannot be understated. By automating and streamlining manual tasks, you’ll unlock tangible cost savings while empowering your employees to engage in higher-value activities that drive your business forward.

Save time (your team’s and your client’s) wasted on calls querying basic information. Using your platform, customers can view complete purchase history and reorder from past purchases. They can also view, save as a PDF file, and/or print invoices to a local printer.

Benefit to you: tangible cost savings by eliminating repetitive manual tasks from your employees’ input.

Send Automatic Mailers

A customer portal is a place where people can go to find out more information about your company, as well as place orders. It also serves as an accounting system where all payments are managed. A backend account is used for this purpose and can be integrated with ERP systems that handle purchasing and manufacturing processes.

Taking it to the next level, your customer portal can work 24/7 to strengthen customer relations. Emails about orders (confirmation, processing and shipping status, etc.) are automatically sent to the client, warehouse, and associated salesperson.

Benefit to you: This level of communication cements you as your customers’ supplier of choice!

Ready to further explore customer portals for your B2B online ordering? Get in touch with Terracor Business Solutions today!

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