BusinessVision Add-Ons

Combined with a robust combination of modules, Sage BusinessVision add-ons are designed to maximize your accounting solution to help your business excel.

zeckoSoftware Add-Ons

The zeckoSoftware suite of products, developed exclusively by Terracor Business Solutions.


zeckoShop is a powerful, feature-rich, all-in-one ecommerce platform designed to seamlessly integrate with your Sage BusinessVision software. You'll be able to easily sync your product information, customer details, sales history, and much more from BusinessVision to your website.

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zeckoPay is an integrated electronic payment (EFT) solution for businesses. Use zeckoPay to process supplier and employee payroll payments electronically, directly from your Sage BusinessVision software. You control the entire payment process.

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zeckoCatalog lets you design and produce professional looking and graphically rich product catalogs for print or digital output, directly from your desktop. Features advanced image support, multi-language & multi-currency catalogs, custom data fields, and much more.

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Sage Add-Ons

Get even more from your edition with Sage's robust combination of modules. Sage's Multi-Currency Manager, CustomPack, and Advanced Integration add-ons are designed to maximize your accounting solution to help your business excel.

Multi-Currency Manager

Sage BusinessVision Multiple Currency Manager gives you the freedom to enter, process and report on business and accounting tasks in any currency.

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Sage BusinessVision CustomPack lets you enjoy all the benefits of custom written business management and accounting software, without the high custom price tag. This one-of-a-kind suite combines the proven strength of Sage BusinessVision with unsurpassed flexibility, for a precise, user-specific fit.

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Sage Fixed Assets

Sage Fixed Assets solutions provide comprehensive depreciation calculations including completion of the T2 Capital Cost Allowance, asset inventory tracking & reconciliation, construction-in-progress management, and customized reporting so you can effectively manage every step of the fixed asset lifecycle.

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Advanced Integration

Sage BusinessVision Accounting can help you to dramatically improve workflow, productivity and ultimately profitability, offering seamless integration with the products you use everyday.

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Other 3rd Party Add-Ons


Tri Tech's BVEssentials has been designed to tailor and enhance the functionality of Sage BusinessVision. Each utility is implemented as a separate module of the BVEssentials suite, which provides many critical features not found in Sage BusinessVision.

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Gemini Logic's d-Analyzer™ is a report writer, analysis tool and so much more. With a focus on ease of use, users can create fast, dynamic reports in seconds and perform instant “what about” and “what if” analysis on-the-fly. This tool does it all.

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