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If your business is engaged in selling products or services on the internet (as pretty much all businesses now are), you should consider setting up your eCommerce platform. While many businesses make their sales through a third-party eCommerce platform, it is increasingly evident that customized online stores are essential marketing tools for every brand. The good news is that setting up an eCommerce platform is exceptionally easy and cost-effective.

What is An eCommerce Platform?

An eCommerce platform is a software package that enables buying and selling over the internet. It gives sellers the ability to manage virtual assets, digital sales, and marketing through a single online platform. Buyers can use these platforms to access and purchase a seller’s products.

There are several different eCommerce software packages, each of which suits other  business models. The three main types are subscription-based, open-source and headless. The type of platform you choose depends on how you prefer to manage your online store. This categorization of eCommerce websites refers to the manner in which users can access and manage their online sales platforms. eCommerce platforms may also be categorized according to the type of product they sell or how sales are completed. These types include:

  • Physical goods eCommerce sites: These are sites used to sell actual physical inventory held by the seller on their business premises. Examples could include giant online retailers like Amazon or small, niche businesses like a local handmade jewellery store.
  • Service-based sites: On these sites, no physical products change hands, but consumers can access all kinds of services. The site acts as a link between the customer and the service provider. .
  • Digital products: These are a lot like physical goods sites, except that the products being sold usually take the form of digital downloads: software packages, games, etc.
  • Dropshipping websites: These platforms are very similar to those that sell physical goods. The difference is that the operator of the sales platform may not necessarily hold any inventory. Instead, they facilitate and conclude sales on behalf of suppliers who then either ship the products directly to the customer or via the sales operator.

zeckoShop, The Ultimate eCommerce Solution

zeckoShop is an eCommerce solution developed by Terracor Business Solutions. Adaptable and scalable, it provides all the tools businesses need to set up their online stores, regardless of whether they are selling physical goods, services or digital assets. It is the ultimate eCommerce solution because it can fulfill the needs of any online seller, regardless of their industry and product, with a set of features and integrations that can be selected and adapted to suit each user.

zeckoShop Features

zeckShop is a complete eCommerce solution that offers a variety of features, functions and add-ons. Its primary features include:

  • Secure communications
  • Modular platform design: offering endless adaptability and scalability
  • Increased visibility: the platform incorporates advanced marketing functions to help you drive traffic to your store.
  • Professional support: A team of in-house technical support professionals are there to assist our clients at every turn.
  • Global reach: Aside from the visibility needed to reach new markets, zeckoShop also helps users stay ahead of global trends with territory-specific tax and shipping integrations.
  • Content control: zeckoShop gives each user complete control over their website content.
  • Branding and design: Your website will fully incorporate your logos and branding, delivering an online store that reflects your brand and company image.
  • Built for growth: You can customize and upscale your website as much as you like, in line with your company’s growth and development.

The Benefits of Using zeckoShop

You can cherry-pick the elements you want to include in your online store. Some of the benefits you will enjoy when you opt for zeckShop are:

  • Streamlined business processes. Make your work simpler and use our configuration and automation functions.
  • The ability to expand your business without making any significant infrastructural changes. Simply scale your eCommerce platform up as you progress.
  • Increase your visibility and use zeckShop’s digital marketing tools to bring customers to your online store.
  • Provide optimized and personalized shopping experiences, which means happier customers.
  • Improved customer service with responsive, easy-to-use customer self-serve portals.
  • Lower costs and improved efficiency

To find out more about our zeckShop eCommerce platform, watch our instructional videos or take the product tour. Contact Terracor for more information about how you can use zeckoShop to create or improve your online shopping platform.

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